Exhibitor List

This is a complete list of all the exhibitors that do our shows. Not all exhibitors are at each show. For a list of which exhibitors will be at each show, visit the individual show page.

Green Girl Studios
Hands of the Hills Bone, Buttons, Clasps, Findings, Gold Vermeil, Pendants, Thai Silver, Vintage, Wood, Wholesale Discounts, brass, amulets
Harper Designs
Helianthus Buttons, Coral, Glass Beads, Pendants, Pewter, Shell, Stones, Vintage
Holy Gemstone Inc Amber, Bone, Buttons, Chain, Clasps, Coral, Crystal, Czech Glass, Wholesale Discounts
Innovative Findng LLC Bali Silver, Chain, Clasps, Findings, Sterling Silver, Wholesale Discounts, Gold Filled Findings and Chains, Sterling Chains Ready to Wear
Intrinsic Trading
J. M. Imports Buttons, Stones, Supplies
Jade Dog Designs, The/Jade Dog Beads
Janes Beads and Arts Amber, Clasps, Findings, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Stones, Wholesale Discounts, Gold Filled,Antique Trade Beads
Janice Evert Opals Gold, Jewelry, Pendants, Shell, Sterling Silver, Stones, Supplies, Australian Opal - Unset Opals Drilled and Undrilled/Finished Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Jewellery. Australian Crocodile Leather - Finished Leather Jewellery and Raw leather
Janu Gems
Jaret's Old & Interesting Beads
Jawara African Art
Jeff Barber
Jennifer Gems
Jess Imports
Jesse James Beads Bead Kits, Chain, Clasps, Czech Glass, Glass Beads, Pendants, Wholesale Discounts
Jewel Pledge
Jewelry Center at 92 Y, The
Jewelry Junque
JP Imported Clay, Pendant vessels, Animal beads, Raku, High Fired Beads
JP Pearl & Jewelry Inc. Pearls
Julie Haymaker's Shrinkets Shrinket plastic bead
Just Bead It
Kahn-Fagan Buttons, Chain, Clasps, Crystal, Czech Glass, Dichroic Glass, Findings, Glass Beads, Handmade Glass, Lampwork, Pendants, Pewter, Seed Beads, Sterling Silver, Supplies, Vintage, Quantity discounts,charms,earring & charm sets,enamel items,patches
Karamara Gemstone
KCNY Trading Inc Clasps, Findings, Stones, Wholesale Discounts, CZ
Kilim Company Bone, Clay, Coral, Glass Beads, Handmade Glass, Jewelry, Lampwork, Pendants, Shell, Stones, Vintage, Wood, Wholesale Discounts, African trade beads from East and West Africa
Kim Fox Jewelry Design Findings, Jewelry, Wholesale Discounts, Clasps,cones,connectors,rings,pendants,earrings,bracelets,cuffs
Kim Van Antwerp Art Jewelry
Kitty Spangler Paper Beads
Klews Gallery Bead Kits, Buttons, Chain, Clasps, Jewelry, Pendants, Handmade artisan beads
Knitten Jen's Beads Bead Kits, Buttons, Clasps, Jewelry, Fiber beads
Knopfen Strasse Buttons, Vintage, Wholesale Discounts
Koru Beads
Land of Crystals, LLC. Crystal, Jewelry, Stones, Cabochons
Las Vegas Bead Society
Lauratas Inc.
Lilac Wind Lampwork Art Glass, The Bead Kits, Buttons, Glass Beads, Handmade Glass, Jewelry, Lampwork, Sterling Silver
Lin's Crafts
Lipstick Ranch, The Bead Kits, Chain, Clasps, Findings, Pendants, Pewter, Stones, Wholesale Discounts
Little Devil Beads Dichroic Glass, Wholesale Discounts, Handmade faceted and not faceted Dichroic Beads and more
Love Harmony Inc Amber, Coral, Pearls, Pendants, Stones, Wholesale Discounts, American turquoise,druzi,custom gemstone cabachons
Lyra's Energetic Jewelry
M & Y Jewelry Cleaner
M. S. International
Madagascar Import Seam Inc.
Made in the Motherland
Marion Hamilton
Marion Jewelry in Fiber
Mega Inc Findings, Swarovski Crystal, Wholesale Discounts
MHT Beads & Findings Clasps, Coral, Findings, Pearls, Pendants, Shell, Sterling Silver, Stones, Semiprecious Stones
Mikala's Designs Inc
Modern Antiquarian, The
Modern Tibet, Inc Amber, Gold, Gold Vermeil, Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver
Mountain Robbins
Multi Creations NJ Inc. Bali Silver, Chain, Clasps, Findings, Gold, Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Wholesale Discounts
Namaste America LLC
Nana & Nina
Natural Touch Bone, Buttons, Findings, Gold Vermeil, Jewelry, Wood, Wholesale Discounts, Resin beads,recycled glass
Nightside Studios
Nirvana Beads Buttons, Clasps, Czech Glass, Findings, Glass Beads, Wholesale Discounts
Now That's a Jig! by Brenda Schweder
Old Man Beads Glass Beads, Jewelry, Wholesale Discounts
Ozzie Boulder Opals Bali Silver, Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver, Stones, Supplies, Wholesale Discounts, Opals,boulder opal,opal jewelry in silver,cut & polished opals to be made into jewelry
Pacific Silverworks/Savannah
Pam & Heather Wynn Clay, Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver, Wholesale Discounts, Polymer Clay
Paradise Designs Lampwork
Patricia Healey Buttons, Chain, Clasps, Findings, Jewelry, Pendants, Copper
Pearls & Beads Corp. Chinese Lampwork, Clasps, Coral, Crystal, Pearls, Pendants, Shell, Wholesale Discounts
Pema Arts Inc Amber, Bone, Coral, Findings, Jewelry, Pearls, Sterling Silver, Stones, Wood, Wholesale Discounts
Perfect Gem, The Amber, Bone, Coral, Crystal, Pearls, Shell, Stones, Wholesale Discounts
Permelia's Beads Jewelry, Lucite, Pendants, Wholesale Discounts
PG Gemstone Inc Pearls, Pendants, Stones
Prima Gems USA
Primitive Earth Beads/Best Beads Chain, Clasps, Findings, Wholesale Discounts, Leather Cord
Priscilla Marban Lucite, Pendants, Shell, Wood, Wholesale Discounts, Natural laminates
Purity, Inc.
Queenly Global Trading
Rare Gemstones Inc Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Wholesale Discounts, Necklaces & earrings on closeout sale
Ren's Designs in Glass Hand created unique lampwork flowers,bees,buds and leaves on headpins and as beads. decorative hearts,lentils and a variety of other new beads.
Robert Bentley Company Inc Fine gemstone strands
Rocky's Design Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver, Stones, Wholesale Discounts
Saki Silver
San Francisco Arts & Crafts
Sandy Schor & Co
Sharon Rogow Beadlover Flamed Copper,African Trade,High End Stone Beads,Ancient Roman Glass
Sheila Checkoway Designs Glass Beads, Handmade Glass, Jewelry, Lampwork, Pendants, Stones, Wholesale Discounts
Shivam Imports Chain, Gold, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Stones, Wholesale Discounts
Silkwinds, The
Silver In Style Chain, Findings, Sterling Silver, Thai Silver
Silver Planet Inc. Chain, Clasps, Findings, Gold Vermeil, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Stones
Silver-Dash Bali Silver, Chain, Clasps, Coral, Findings, Gold Vermeil, Pearls, Sterling Silver, Thai Silver, Wholesale Discounts, Silver & Gold-filled wire,precious & semi-precious beads
Singaraja Imports Gold Vermeil, Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver, Thai Silver, Wholesale Discounts
Soft Flex Company
Sojourn Collection, The Bone, Czech Glass, Glass Beads, Jewelry, Pendants, Sterling Silver, Thai Silver