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Anne started her creative career over 25 years ago as a professional lighting designer. Looking for another outlet for her artistic energies, Anne began teaching chain making and metal working approximately 14 years ago for just pure enjoyment. During those years, Anne found that the creative outlet provided by teaching as well as a consistent demand for her classes was too alluring to deny. Leaving lighting behind in 2003, Anne is now a full-time designer, teacher, and author.

Eva Sherman began beading as a way to spend time with her daughters but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005 she traded in her architectural career for the opportunity to spend all her time among beads, and opened Grand River Beads & Metal Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Eva now happily spends most days in the studio creating, writing and teaching, but has been know to take her show on the road, teaching both nationally and internationally. She has discovered an affinity for working with wire and metals, and prefers to design in an organic and unstructured style. Eva has authored two books on jewelry design: “Organic Wire & Metal Jewelry” and “Cool Copper Cuffs”.

Steven James, spent his childhood breaking his art teacher’s rules — coloring outside the lines, peeling the wrapper off crayons and making glue skin in the palm of his hand.

Now that he is older, wiser and craftier, he still wants to break the rules, but he needs you to join in the fun. Put aside the responsibilities of your life and get back the creative connections you made as an 8-year-old. A full-time elementary school teacher, who has made appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks, he loves taking a break from his own routine and spending a few hours with adults who will hopefully avoid picking noses, scabs or fights, and focus on being as creative and inspired as possible.

Long considered the alleged love child of Martha Stewart and Christopher Lowell, his published work has appeared in magazines such as ReadyMade and Bead Style and books from Lark and Kalmbach. He has spread his love of handmade by developing craft ideas for TiVo, the Gap, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as various websites.

He lives by the mantra “What are you gonna make today?” and hopes to spark creativity in everyone he meets through a series of classes he teaches around the world.

Tracy StanleyTracy Stanley loves organic elements and using wire and metal skills to make it all come together. She rarely plans pieces out, rather lets things fall together naturally. Tracy is a big believer in quality tools and solid techniques and enjoys passing this on to her students so they can also make pieces they can be proud of.

Tracy has  over 25 years of teaching experience and has taught at variety of shows, retreats and stores around the country. Tracy’s latest book is called “Exploring Metal Jewelry and co-wrote the book “Making Wire & Bead Jewelry – Artful Wirework Techniques.”

Tonya Tucker Collins is one of the founders of Beads in Pomegranate Seeds a Bead Store …yes in Vallejo.  Tonya is an Artist/Teacher who operates and host workshop as The Urban Crafter. Tonya loves teaching, creating, buying, coaching and helping the addiction of beads grow. Tonya has over 20 years of experience in retail, banking and human resources. Tonya also founded Creative Enterprise Consulting, a small business coaching and human resource help think-tank. She holds a BS in Industrial Psychology, an MS in Education: Training & Performance Improvement and is an Executive Coach.

Gail Crosman Moore, an award winning multi-disciplinary artist, brings to you many years of arts education, both as teacher and student. Her B.F.A. from Mass College of Art was in the Art Education discipline, which is to say she was able to pursue any/all media.

Seduced and stimulated by so many things; surface, form, color and texture that can be readily interpreted through a myriad of materials paired with a lifelong obsession with the ‘Pod Form’ work together as inspiration and a recipe for a ‘job’ never completed. From concept to execution to trade shows and classrooms, the artist/teacher lies at the core.

Crosman Moore’s work has been recognized and awarded through publication in many trade magazines, including Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, and Lamagga, as well as invitations to be a part of many books in varied media.

Her teaching has taken her around the world, enriching her visual pool of resource, context for life and expansion of her humanity.

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