GV Licensing & Tax Info

To be able to sell beads & jewelry at the Grass Valley CA show, there are a few things that need to be done. There is no cost to get a license through the Board of Equalization.

  1. GET A RESELLER’S PERMIT If you aren’t already registered with the California Board of Equalization to file/pay taxes you must do that in advance of the show.  www.boe.ca.gov. On the home page under the LOGIN button is a link that says “new registration”, click it. Select “register a business activity with BOE”. Select whatever applies to you, most likely it will be box #1. Follow the steps. You will have the chance to select temporary or regular license along the way. You can call 800-400-7115 for more help. You may need to already have an EIN to complete this process.
  2. CITY OF GRASS VALLEY BUSINESS LICENSE You are not required to get a city business license since the show is located outside of city limits.
  3. SELLING TO TAX EXEMPT CUSTOMERS To sell to customers that are tax-exempt and have a Reseller’s License, you will need to have them each sign (for your records) a form BOE-230 from the Board of Equalization. Here is a link to FAQ for more info.
  4. GIVE US YOUR RESELLER’S PERMIT NUMBER FOR YOUR FILE You can email (alexa@wholebead.com) or fax (530-265-2776) a copy of your reseller’s permit to our office for our records. The State of California requires us to have these on file and we may need to present them if asked.

We give this information as a guide. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses.