Licensing & Tax Info – New Mexico

To be able to sell beads & jewelry at the Santa Fe NM show, you must get both a state-issued CRS ID & and a Santa Fe Special Event License.
Sales tax rate is 8.4375%


Visit New Mexico Taxation & Revenue site and click on Apply for a CRS ID#. Then the screen will show “Introduction”. In this section of the application, it will explain everything you may or may not need in order to get a CRS#. Follow the steps. There is no fee to get a CRS ID. If you think you already have a CRS ID, but you don’t remember it, call (505) 827-0951 to retrieve it.

STEP 2 – Santa Fe Special Event License

Fill out the license application fully and mail it and a $10 check made out to the “City of Santa Fe” to The Whole Bead Show, Attn Alexa Wondergem, PO Box 1100, Nevada City CA 95959.

We give this information as a guide. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses.