Santa Fe 2023 Exhibitor Information

March 24-26, 2023
Santa Fe Community Convention Center
201 W Marcy Street
Santa Fe NM 87501

Is your company name and product listed correctly online?

Check the show page to see if you are listed correctly. Email any updates and changes to your information. This really important so customers know where to shop for which items at the show.

Load-in and setup/show hours

Load-in and setup time is Thursday, March 23, 12pm-6pm
Show Hours:
Friday 10am-6pm (merchants are allowed in at 9:00am)
Saturday 10am-6pm (merchants are allowed in at 9:00am)
Sunday 11am-4pm (merchants are allowed in at 10:00am)

Are you shipping?

If is it necessary to ship materials to the Santa Fe Community Convention Center prior to the start of the event, each item must be properly packed and marked with (1) The Whole Bead Show and your first & last name; (2) date of event 3/24-3/26, 2023; (3) name of the SFCCC contact, Melissa Glick. The SFCCC reserves the right to refuse acceptance of packages that appear to be damaged and assumes no liability for the condition of the contents of any package.

Due to the limited amount of storage space, the SFCCC will not accept responsibility for materials delivered before setup day. Any shipments larger than 10 boxes or 500 pounds will require the use of a drayage company. The SFCCC will not be liable for such incurred expenses. Labor charges of $10 per box over 10 boxes or $20 per 100 pounds over 500 pounds will be billed as additional charges to your final bill unless handled by a drayage company.

All arrangements for return shipping must be made by with a shipping company prior to your departure.

Here is the address:
Santa Fe Community Convention Center
201 W Marcy Street
Santa Fe NM 87501
~be sure and include your name and booth number~

Are you bringing/driving your merchandise to the venue?

  • Loading dock on South Federal Place to the North of the convention center.
  • Loading zone on Grant Avenue to the West of the convention center – unload and enter through the side door on the street.
  • Elevator from underground garage to the southeast door of the room. Entrance to garage is located on South Federal Place.

Are you parking?

Santa Fe Community Convention Center Municipal Garage
119 South Federal Place

Booth size and additional tables:

Regular booth is two 6ft tables.  There is room for one additional table in booth. You may bring your own table. Artisans may bring a small table for write-up. We do not rent pegboards or showcases. Tables will not be draped. Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not invade their space.  Display CANNOT include racks or other items if they will obstruct view of show.

What can you do to help get the word out?

Share the event on FaceBook and email your customers that you will be coming to the area. Please be sure to let your contacts know on social media and email lists, that we are coming to town.

Things you need to know:

  • No audible music may be played
  • Bring your own table coverings.
  • Do not tape or attach anything to any wall.
  • If excessive amounts of electricity/lighting are being used by you and it is causing issues, you will be asked to turn off and remove lights. Please bring your own strip, a 15 foot electrical cord and tape to tape down your cords.
  • If any part of your display or merchandise is unfairly obstructing other merchant’s space you will be asked to remove it.
  • If you extend out of your allowed space and refuse to move, there will be a fine of $500 per square foot over allotted space.
  • Large banners may be affixed to the front of your tables. Any unattractive signage will be removed. Signs posting percentage off can be no larger than 3” x 3”, and no more than 2 per booth (these are signs with words such as “wholesale to the public,” “50% off,” “sale,” etc.).

Things you should not forget to bring:

Table coverings
Electric strip, 15ft cord, and tape to tape down your cords

General Excise Tax

8.3125% on retail sales