Las Vegas 2022 Exhibitor Packet

June 3-5, 2022
Palace Station – Grand Ballroom

Is your company name and product listed correctly online?
Check the show page to see if you are listed correctly. Email types of products you carry and any additional contact information that you wish make public. This is important so customers know where to shop for which items at the show and how to get ahold of you after the show if they wish to purchase more products from you.

Load-in and setup/show hours
Load-in and setup time is 12pm to 6pm, Thursday, June 2
Show Hours:
Friday, June 3, 10am to 6pm (merchants are allowed in at 9am)
Saturday, June 4, 10am to 6pm (merchants are allowed in at 9am)
Sunday, June 5, 11am to 4pm (merchants are allowed in at 10am)

Are you shipping to the hotel?
The Palace Station will accept packages from USPS, UPS and FedEx up to 2 days prior to our event and will allow packages to be picked up on Monday after the event.  There is a service fee of $5-20 per box, depending on size.

Ship boxes to:
Palace Station
Attention: The Whole Bead Show – Grand Ballroom
2411 W Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89102
~Be sure to include your name and booth #~

Freight/pallet shipments will need to arrive during setup hours Thursday 1pm to 7pm. Ideally, freight/pallet shipments should be picked up from the show on Sunday evening, however, you can make arrangements with the hotel for them to be picked up on Monday after the show. Please advise your freight company to use the loading area at the back of the hotel off of Kings Way.

Are you bringing/driving your merchandise to the venue?
Merchandise cannot be brought in the main/front entrance of the hotel.  Please use the loading dock elevators or the one around the corner to the left of the front entrance and down the ramp.

Are you parking?
There is free parking available at the Palace Station.

Booth size
Regular booth is two 8ft tables. There is room for one additional table in your booth. We do not rent pegboards or showcases.

What can you do to help get the word out?
Share the event on FaceBook and email your customers that you will be coming to the area. Digital postcard is available by clicking here.  Please be sure to let your contacts know on social media and email lists, that we are coming to town.

Things you need to know:
Bring your own table coverings.
Do not tape or attached anything to any wall.
Each booth comes with electricity. If excessive amounts of electricity/lighting are being used by you and it is causing issues, you will be asked to turn off and remove lights. Please NO Halogen Lights. Please bring your own strip, a 15 foot electrical cord and tape to tape down your cords.

  • If any part of your display or merchandise is unfairly obstructing other merchant’s space you will be asked to remove it.
  • If you extend out of your allowed space and refuse to move, there will be a fine of $500 per square foot over allotted space.
  • No large signs or banners. Any unattractive signage will be removed.

Things you should not forget to bring:
Table coverings
Electric strip, 15ft cord, and tape to tape down your cords

Tax forms/Sales Tax:
Do you have a Nevada Department of Taxation ID number?

  • NO – If you are an exhibitor attending a one-time special event, tradeshow, convention or a participant in a flea market, contact your event promoter to declare if you will be a vendor transacting sales of tangible products at the event. The promoter will provide those VENDORS a “one-time sales tax return”. Vendors will be required to complete this return and remit it with the sales tax collected back to the promoter at the end of the event. The promoter will forward the completed return and your payment to the Department on your behalf. All checks should be made payable to the Nevada Department of Taxation. If you sell at more than two events in Nevada during a twelve month period, you must register with the Department and obtain your own Sales & Use Tax Permit. If you require further assistance contact the Department’s Call Center at (866) 962-3707.
  • YES – If a vendor has no sales, or has non-taxable sales, or already holds a Nevada Sales & Use Tax Permit, the vendor is still required to sign and turn in the one-time tax return showing zero. If a vendor has an existing sales tax permit, have them clearly indicate that number on all three copies of the “One-Time Sales Tax Return”. Those vendors may remit payment of taxes collected at the event on their “regular” Sales & Use Tax Return.
  • Sales tax rate is 8.38%.