Virtual Show – July 10 & 11, 2020

July 10 & 11, 2020
Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm pacific time

FaceBook Live


This event is free to all bead buyers but you must Register

Here is the lowdown! (have questions! email them to

July 10 & 11, Friday & Saturday 11am -6pm pacific time.
On FaceBook Live only
Starting at 11am, Ava Motherwell will go live showing actual samples of beads, gemstones, pearls, seed beads, bead kits, and findings from the listed exhibitors. She will spend approximately 5-10 minutes on each exhibitor, each day. Buyers who want to purchase must “claim” the items in real time in the comments. Buyers will claim the items by commenting with “Bin and the item number” be sure to also include how many you want. For example “bin TA05, 3 please” or “bin TA05 x3”.
Items will be label with information on the item as well as the price. All prices are as marked.
In addition to the Live show, starting at Friday, July 10th at 7pm pacific time. We will be posting photo albums from each of the exhibitors. These photos will have item numbers and you will be able to “claim” or bin these items as well. Please keep in mind that many of the items are limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
· Buyers will be invoiced via PayPal for all claimed/binned items at the end of the show and will be expected to pay within 48 hours.
· Shipping will be combined. All the merchandise you purchase will be grouped together and put in the smallest and most cost-effective box possible. USPS Priority mail (to US addresses) Small box $12, medium box $19, large box $26. International shipping will be calculated after event.
· All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds.
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We will be going Live with 3 to 5 videos each days as there are time limits. Once the live stream is over it will be posted to our page for viewing at a later time. If you don’t see the live videos click on (videos) on our facebook page. If you are having trouble commenting on the video you may direct message through Facebook with item #’s

Here is a “tentative schedule” the number on the left is the order that the exhibitors will be shown in the Facebook Live show and the time listed on the right is scheduled time the photo albums will be posted. July 10th.

01 Ands Silver LLC – Album post time 7:15pm
02 Hands of the Hills, Inc – Album post time 7:10pm
03 Sheila Checkoway Designs – Album post time 7:45pm
04 Sandy Schor & Co – Album post time 9:20pm
05 Perfect Gem, The – Album post time 7:00pm
06 Bead Goes On… – Album post time 7:20pm
07 Carson’s Cove – Album post time 8:15pm
08 Eden Art Glass – Album post time 8:50pm
09 Beadtopiavintage – Album post time 9:00pm
10 Sarah Liron
11 Super Time International Corp – Album post time 8:45pm
12 Ta Pearls – Album post time 8:10pm
13 Tribalinks – Album post time 7:05pm
14 Tracey Donoughe – Album post time 8:20pm
15 Applegate Lapidary – Album post time 7:25pm
16 M. S. International – Album post time 9:15pm
17 Just Bead It
18 Esther Beadwork
19 Fantasy Beads – Album post time 7:35pm
20 FiberAndBeads
21 Glass by Tammy Rae – Album post time 9:10pm
22 Helianthus
23 Pacific Silverworks – Album post time 7:30pm
24 Ren’s Designs in Glass – Album post time 8:05pm
25 Patricia Healey Copper – Album post time 8:00pm
26 Rocky’s Designs – Album post time 8:55pm
27 Saki Silver – Album post time 9:30pm
28 Back2Bead – Album post time 8:30pm
29 Ayla’s Originals, Inc.
30 Bling! Bling!
31 Christina Roselle Handbags
32 Dragonfly Beads – Album post time 7:50pm
33 Firefly Design Studio – Album post time 8:35pm
34 Hannah Rosner
35 Lipstick Ranch, The – Album post time 7:55pm
36 Mystic Moon Beads
37 Pans Trading – Album post time 9:25pm
38 Priscilla Marban – Album post time 8:40pm
39 Shawn Tucker Designs
40 Tangible Light Studio – Album post time 8:25pm
41 Ava Motherwell Collection – Album post time 9:05pm
42 Wild Things Beads – Album post time 6:50pm
43 Bollywood Bead Co – Album post time 6:55pm
44 Jesse James Beads


The Whole Bead Show Inc/Bead Renaissance Shows dates and locations may change without notice (due to unforeseen circumstances). We are not responsible for any expenses incurred due to change of schedule.