FAQ (Buyer)

Q: What form of payment is accepted at the show?
A: Each exhibitor has a different policy, but most accept credit cards and all will take cash for merchandise. A select few accept checks. Admission can be paid for with checks or cash.

Q: What is an Artisan?
A: An artisan is someone who makes the product they sell. They must make it with their own hands, and it must be made in the USA.

Q: How many exhibitors are there at each show?
A: Our shows vary is size from small boutique shows with only a handful of exhibitors to large shows with over a hundred.  Please call and ask about specific shows or visit individual show pages to see a list of exhibitors.

Q: How do customers register to buy at your show?
A: Wholesale buyers need to bring a copy of their state-issued reseller’s permit to the registration desk at the show. We do not offer pre-registration unless otherwise specified on the individual show page. Retail buyers are welcome at every show and only need to pay admission. We charge admission at the majority of our shows for both wholesale and retail buyers.

Q: Do bead society members get in free?
A: We no longer offer free admission to bead society members, unless they have received passes in the mail ahead of time from their individual society.

Q: Do you offer classes at your shows?
A: We offer classes at some of our shows and they will be listed on our classes page.

Q: Do you offer a room block at the hotel when the show is held there? And what if the show isn’t being held in a hotel?
A: At a few of our shows we will offer limited room blocks at the hotel when we are showing there. Please refer to the individual show page or call us for more information. If the show isn’t being held at a hotel, we may have a room block in a hotel nearby.

Q: What do I need in order to qualify as a wholesale buyer?
A: Bring a copy of your state-issued reseller’s license to register at the door as a wholesale buyer. You will receive either a wristband or sticker that identifies you as a wholesale buyer. When shopping from an individual exhibitor, ask what their wholesale pricing is. Some exhibitors offer quantity discount, while others may just sell you items exclusive of tax without any further discount.

Q: Are children allowed at your show?
A: Yes, our shows are open to people of all ages. People 12 and under are admitted for free when accompanying an adult.

Q: Is it alright to bring strollers?
A: Strollers are welcome at our shows. Keep in mind that our bigger shows tend to have high attendance, so navigation may become a bit sporty.

Q: How can I find an exhibitor from an old show?
A: The easiest way for us to track down which exhibitor you are searching for is via their booth number from whichever show you attended. Otherwise we can usually give you a name upon receiving a comprehensive description of the exhibitor’s merchandise.

Q: Can I join a mailing list in order to get notifications of upcoming shows and catalog sales?
A: If you’re interested in joining our mailing list, you can sign up at the show or send an email to info@b24.524.myftpupload.com, indicating such. You can also click on the “join our email list” link on the right side of the page.