Licensing & Tax Info – New Mexico

To be able to sell beads & jewelry at the Santa Fe NM show, you must get both a state-issued CRS ID & and a Santa Fe Special Event License.
Sales tax rate is 8.4375%


Visit New Mexico Taxation & Revenue site and click on Apply for a CRS ID#. Then the screen will show “Introduction”. In this section of the application, it will explain everything you may or may not need in order to get a CRS#. Follow the steps. There is no fee to get a CRS ID. I was told to file as a seasonal filer so that I only file & pay taxes for the months that I am doing shows in Santa Fe (March).

If you think you already have a CRS ID, but you don’t remember it, call (505) 827-0951 to retrieve it. If you sold at a previous show in Santa Fe, you will have one. The CRS is an 11 digit number formatted thusly: ##-######-##-#.

STEP 2 – Santa Fe Special Event License

Fill out the license application fully (make sure that your CRS # is on there, the form will be rejected without it and you will not be able to sell at the show) and mail it and a $10 check made out to the “City of Santa Fe” to The Whole Bead Show, Attn Alexa Wondergem, PO Box 1100, Nevada City CA 95959. If you know your previous City License Number, go ahead and put it on there, but it isn’t required. DUE IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW.  PLEASE SEND IN BY FEBRUARY 24TH SO THAT WE WILL HAVE TIME TO CORRECT ANY ERRORS BEFORE WE SEND THEM IN!!

We give this information as a guide. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses.