FAQ (Seller)

Q: Where do I find a show request form or contract?
A: Click on the Request Form or Contract link for the show that you are interested in.

Q: What is the difference between a request form, a contract, and a membership form?
A: For 2014 forms for individual shows are called Request Forms. In 2015 they are renamed to Contracts. For 2014 our rules and regulation form is called a Contract. In 2015 they are renamed to Membership Form.

Q: Do you accept checks?
A: Yes. We also accept money orders and cash.

Q: Are tables covered?
A: It depends on show, refer to the individual show memo that is online 30 days prior to the show.

Q: What time is set up?
A: It depends on show, refer to the individual show memo that is online 30 days prior to the show.

Q: Can we bring/buy extra table?
A: Extra tables are available at most of our shows. Refer to the individual show memo that is online 30 days prior to the show. Artisan booths are not eligible for extra merchandise tables, but do allow a small write-up table.

Q: Can you hold the space for me, and I will pay later?
A: NO. We do not hold space without payment.

Q: Where do I unload at the location?
A: Normally at front entrance, please refer to show memo

Q: Can I put up large displays?
A: Display/signs must stay within booth space, not out of/around it, and must stay within 18”x24”. Refer to official contract for more details.

Q: Are shows refundable if I need to cancel?
A: No. All payments are non-refundable. Please refer to show request form and Official Merchant Contract

Q: What is an Artisan?
A: Someone who makes the product they sell. They must make it with their own hands, and it must be made in the USA.

Q: Can I request a special place?
A: You can let us know of any preferences. However, please be aware that booth space is assigned on a first come basis when all of the applicant’s paperwork and payment is received. We do our best to fulfill requests, but we don’t make any guarantees.

Q: Can I ship my boxes to the venue?
A: Some venues allow boxes to be shipped directly to them, but you must refer to the memo for the show you are showing at for specific information. When shipping your merchandise always include the following: Company Name & Booth Space Number/s, arrival date, ATTN: Whole Bead Show, and number of boxes (1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.)

Q: How many attendees are there at each show?
A: We only sell admission the first time a buyer comes through the door and as a result, our attendance is estimated. Please call and ask about specific shows.

Q: How do customers register for your show?
A: Wholesale buyers need to bring a copy of their state-issued resale license/business license/seller’s permit to the registration desk at the show. We do not offer pre-registration unless otherwise specified on the individual show page. Retail buyers are welcome at every show and only need to pay admission. We charge admission at the majority of our shows for both wholesale and retail buyers.

Q: Do bead society members get in free?
A: We no longer offer free admission to bead society members, unless they have recieved passes in the mail ahead of time.

Q: Do you offer classes at your shows?
A: We offer classes at some of our shows.

Q: Do you offer a room block at the hotel when the show is held there? And what if the show isn’t being held in a hotel?
A: At a few of our shows we will offer limited room blocks at the hotel when we are showing there. Please refer to the website or call us for more information. If the show isn’t being held at a hotel, we may have a room block in a hotel nearby. This information can be found on the website or by calling our office.